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Category Archives: Mosquito Prevention

West Nile Virus Worse Than First Thought

The mosquito transmitted disease known as West Nile virus, has been reported to be a deadlier threat than previously thought. This is concerning for many who have been infected by the illness and of course to us all who are […]

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Mosquitoes Use Their Noses For Eyes!

We know that mosquitoes are attracted to human odor, but did you know that female mosquitoes actually have a second sensor that enables them to identify the difference between us humans and animals? Here’s an article on the study.
For female […]

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Mosquitoes Are After Your Blood Early This Year!

Mosquito season is upon us already! There have been sightings of these swarming, disease spreading pests earlier than usual and with spring on our doorstep, it’s time to take action if you’ve not done so already. These critters are out […]

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A New Device to Detect Zika

Early detection of Zika is an obvious contribution to the reduction of the spread of the virus. A new device based on the technology developed to detect HIV may be able to do this. As there is no current vaccine […]

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Vaccine Could Kill Mosquitoes and Protect from Disease

Human beings could become their own personal weapon against mosquitoes and the threat of the diseases that they transmit. There may be a vaccination in the pipeline which not only protects us from all mosquito borne viruses, but also acts […]

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