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Category Archives: Mosquito Prevention

A New Device to Detect Zika

Early detection of Zika is an obvious contribution to the reduction of the spread of the virus. A new device based on the technology developed to detect HIV may be able to do this. As there is no current vaccine […]

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Vaccine Could Kill Mosquitoes and Protect from Disease

Human beings could become their own personal weapon against mosquitoes and the threat of the diseases that they transmit. There may be a vaccination in the pipeline which not only protects us from all mosquito borne viruses, but also acts […]

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How Is Zika Transmitted Through Sexual Intercourse?

Last year the health concerns surrounding the Zika virus where no stranger to daily news reports. With the 2016 Olympics taking place in Brazil and the spread of the virus into the southern United States, the threat of contracting the […]

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Mosquitoes are ‘Toughing Out’ the Cold Weather

Don’t be fooled into thinking that the cooler climates mean less chance for mosquitoes to breed! A recent article has published that these ‘suckers’ are laying their larvae and they are surviving the colder months and ready to hatch in […]

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A Reminder of the Dangers of Mosquito Borne Disease

Sometimes we need to be shaken up with a very big reminder that the danger of mosquito borne diseases are very real! This sad news article about the death of a man in Tarrant County, TX is a sobering reminder […]

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