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Category Archives: Lyme Disease

Continue to Perform your ‘Tick Check Ritual’ this Fall

Are you still performing your ‘tick check rituals’ throughout the fall? Just because the weather is starting to change, doesn’t mean these Lyme disease spreading pests are less active. In fact, they’re making a nuisance of themselves even more so, […]

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New Lyme Disease Related Bacteria

There’s a new type of bacteria that is considered to be one of the causes of Lyme disease. This recent species of germ has been found in ticks that have made dogs their feeding ground. Here’s an article with further […]

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Lyme Disease and Learning

Have you been noticing that your child is struggling in class a little more than usual? Perhaps they are struggling to stay focused and get easily distracted? Did it ever cross your mind that the cause of this disruption could […]

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No Need to be an Animal Lover to Invest in Tick Control

Back in the 1950’s and 60’s the approach to tick control was an entirely different story to what it is today. Methods of protection were somewhat different and came to a stop due to environmental concerns. This article gives us […]

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Lyme Disease: The best cure is Prevention

When it comes to fighting Lyme disease, the best cure is prevention. Stopping ticks from being able to bite us in the first place, from being able to attach themselves to our skin and spread potentially devastating diseases. What methods […]

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