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West Nile Virus Worse Than First Thought

The mosquito transmitted disease known as West Nile virus, has been reported to be a deadlier threat than previously thought. This is concerning for many who have been infected by the illness and of course to us all who are […]

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Mosquitoes Are After Your Blood Early This Year!

Mosquito season is upon us already! There have been sightings of these swarming, disease spreading pests earlier than usual and with spring on our doorstep, it’s time to take action if you’ve not done so already. These critters are out […]

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Is Your Back Yard a Breeding Ground for Mosquitoes?

The Asian Tiger mosquito is one of the most common species of this disease spreading pest in Virginia. This bug is well known for transmitting west nile virus and has also been related to the spread of zika. With the […]

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Eagle Escapes West Nile Virus

A very lucky bald eagle has been re-released back into the wild after a very close call with West Nile virus. It’s not the actual mosquito transmitted disease that could possibly kill these birds of prey, but the symptoms. Here’s […]

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Mosquitoes: Tiny Creature with Enormous Impact

Residents of Camden County in South Jersey are being urged to be vigilant when it comes to exposure to mosquitoes. This is due to another diagnosis of West Nile Virus in the area, a mosquito borne disease that comes from […]

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