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What if there was a way for your school or organization to make money by doing nothing more than pushing “send” on emails?

Image of a chalk board drawing that illustrates "Ideas Make Money"

It’s true.  We have come up with an effective fundraising plan that not only provides your school or organization with well needed funding but provides valuable information in the fight against Lyme disease and tick and mosquito borne illnesses.  Over the past few years we have partnered with elementary schools, preschools, sports clubs medical providers and other organizations.  Through our partnerships we have effectively brought Lyme and tick borne disease awareness and mosquito and West Nile Virus awareness to these institutions and their students, patients and members.  And, at the same time we provide well needed partnership funding.

Our awareness programs are the easiest fundraising efforts you will ever have undertaken.  No bake sales.  No door to door selling.  No phone calls.  No selling Christmas trees or cookies.  No fundraising dinners.  No minimum order.  No hard sales.  It’s all about bringing awareness to a growing problem in our area.  All you need to do is push send on your email.  Our fundraisers are comprised of a series of emails explaining the dangers of ticks and mosquitoes.  We supply you with a number of emails to send out to your group at specific times.  The emails are tailored to your group.  All you do is hit “send”.  We will then send you a check after the campaign is complete.  That’s it.  Nothing more for you to do.  It’s the easiest fundraising plan you’ve ever participated in.

Chances are, your organization would gladly send out information about Lyme disease and West Nile Virus to your constituency anyway.  Why not turn it into a fund raiser for your group?

Did you know that Lyme disease is growing at four times the rate of AIDS and is quickly becoming our nation’s most misdiagnosed and fastest-growing infectious disease.

Did you know that according to the CDC almost 10% of all cases of West Nile occurred in the metro DC area in 2010?

Our mission is that no children should get Lyme disease in their own yard.  Help us end Lyme disease.  Help educate your people and make money for your organization at the same time.

If your organization is interested in partnering for a fundraising opportunity promoting tick and mosquito awareness, please either fill out our contact form or give us a call.  We have references available from successful campaigns we have conducted throughout the metro area that we would be happy to forward.  Let’s work together to bring awareness to tick and mosquito borne illnesses.