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Category Archives: Prince George’s

Crickets: Interesting Facts About These Noisy Bugs

If you’re like most people, you probably find crickets annoying. These grasshopper-like bugs are sure to provoke a reaction from anyone who comes across them. They are primarily identified by the sound they produce. Interestingly, you may not see them, […]

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The Life Cycle Of The Mosquitoes You Dread

If you’ve ever been bitten by a mosquito, it’s time you got to know a few facts about these bugs. First, it was a female mosquito that bit you. Male mosquitos don’t bite people, they survive on nectar. The female, […]

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How Ticks Are More Than Just Another Troublesome Arachnid in Beltsville, MD

There’s no doubt that most people recognize ticks as dangerous pests. However, the danger associated with ticks is not just because they bite. Neither is it that they are blood-suckers. Clearly, tick bites are something to avoid by all means, […]

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Are Mosquitos Just A Malaria Risk in Capitol Heights, MD Or Is There More?

For many Capitol Heights residents, the thought of mosquitos creates a malaria scare. Many barely think of the other diseases that this parasite can transmit. A simple mosquito bite on an infected person creates a great risk for the next […]

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Are Ultrasonic Pest Repellers Effective for Rodent Control in Brentwood, MD?

Rats and mice are a menace to many residents in Brentwood, MD. They have the capacity to destroy your home, contaminate your food, and even make you sick. The search for an effective rodent control plan has been on for […]

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Three Most Common Types of Ticks in Cheltenham, MD

Two words best describe ticks: dangerous bloodsuckers. These small arachnids, which happen to be between 3mm and 5mm long in their adulthood, live dangerous lives. They stay in the wild waiting for a host. They seek connection, unfortunately, this connection […]

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The Mosquito Bite Nuisance For Mount Rainier, MD Residents

Mosquitoes seem to be present all over the world. This would be okay if all they did was merely exist. It is a fact that there are some species of mosquitoes that do not bite humans. However, there are some […]

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How To Keep Roaches Away From Your Glenn Dale, MD Home

There are over 4000 species of roaches in the world, but two types feature most in our homes. This is the German cockroach and the American cockroach. An interesting fact about the American Cockroach; it has a liking for alcohol. […]

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Three Different Types Of Rats You May Encounter In Accokeek, MD

If the thought of a rat makes you cringe, then this post is for you. It’s difficult to deal with an enemy that you don’t understand. In fact, learning as much as you can about rats could help you overcome […]

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Answering FAQs About Ticks In Bladensburg, MD

The internet has become a great source of information about every aspect of life. Numerous questions have been answered in diverse ways. This also includes questions about pest control. For many Bladensburg residents, ticks are a significant health concern.  However, […]

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