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Category Archives: Prince George’s

A Comprehensive Approach To Rodent Control in Oxon Hill, MD

Your hope of having a rodent-free home is not far-fetched. Rats and mice may look cute, but they can be quite destructive. They will contaminate your food, chew on almost anything in your home, and end up causing structural damage. […]

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3 Facts About Ticks That Greenbelt, MD Residents Will Find Interesting

Many people in Prince George’s County mistake ticks for insects, but they are actually arachnids. What differentiates the two? Insects have 6 legs while arachnids have eight. Moreover, arachnids, unlike insects, don’t have wings at all. This is very descriptive […]

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Has Your Suitland, MD Home Become A Habitat For Silverfish?

No, they are not a type of fish. However, silverfish have a shiny silver outer coat, but the ‘fish’ in its name is because of its movement and shape, which resemble the fish. Many people have seen this creature but […]

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Bowie, MD – Your Mosquito Questions Answered

Did you know that mosquitoes have 47 teeth? This tiny creature has more teeth than the average human being, who has only 32. But someone will ask if they really have teeth. Technically speaking, they are not teeth; they are […]

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How To Get Rid Of Ticks In Your Home In College Park, MD

Ticks are certainly not the kind of bugs you want around your home. They are not only a danger to your pets and animals but also to you. This is because they are carriers of Lyme disease, which is the […]

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Need A Remedy For Your Mosquito Problem in Clinton, MD? Consider These Factors

There are over 3500 mosquito species the world over. However, there are three main species in Maryland: The common house mosquito, the yellow fever mosquito, and the Asian tiger mosquito. When these tiny bugs invade your home in Clinton, MD, […]

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Why Your Rodent Control Plan In Laurel, MD Should Be Proactive

It is quite normal to look for pest control services in Prince George’s County after you notice you need them. Those annoying bugs and critters definitely need to be dealt with. The sooner you do it, the better. However, this […]

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Busting Three Myths About Ticks For Lanham, MD Residents

When you think of a super sneaky agent, you should add to your list this tiny bug, the tick. Why? Most people who got a tick bite in Prince George’s County will say that they didn’t even notice they were […]

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What To Do About The Smelly Affair That Is Stink Bugs in Clinton, MD

Stink bugs are not indigenous to America; they are originally from Asia. This, however, does not mean that they are shy about doing what they know best. They will buzz around you and make you uncomfortable. Then, when you get […]

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Protect Your Family From The Rodent Menace in Temple Hills, MD

They are ever nibbling or chewing on something. You may mistake them for being cute. However, these little creatures with forever-growing incisors can wreak havoc in your home and health. Your best strategy is to gain the relevant knowledge on […]

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