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Category Archives: Mosquito Prevention

Sharing Information on Zika

How do you digest information? Are you someone that is good at breaking down text to find the facts that you need? Do you like to perhaps watch a video to pick up your information receptors? Whatever works for every […]

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Zika Virus Transmitted Through Sexual Contact

Over the last few months there has been speculation that the mosquito transmitted virus known as Zika, can be spread through sexual contact. Researchers are currently studying the structure of the disease to discover important clues in the hope of finding therapeutic […]

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What’s Your Part in the Fight Against Zika?

Residents in New Jersey are being urged to save themselves some mosquito trouble for the upcoming warmer months by eliminating any standing water they may find surrounding their homes. Standing water is the ideal breading ground for mosquitoes and with […]

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Zika Virus Awareness Week: What’s Your Contribution?

Maryland residents are halfway though ‘Zika Virus Awareness Week’ where critical, yet simple action has been encouraged in the fight against mosquitoes and the spread of this potentially life damaging disease. From April 24th through to Saturday 30th, Governor Larry Hogan […]

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Don’t Let Mosquitoes Breed In Your Yard

New Jersey is coming out the other side of one of the warmest winters recorded and as we make our way into spring time, N.J. residents are concerned that if the season becomes a wet one (which is quite possible […]

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Living with the Misery of Mosquito Borne Illness

We will never be short of devastating stories as long as mosquitoes and their ability to spread deadly diseases are still accommodating this planet. The threat of the zika virus is currently a high reported feature of daily news, but […]

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Elmo Educates Kids About Zika

It’s not just adults that need to be educated about the dangers of mosquitoes and their ability to spread life threatening diseases, kids need to know what’s going on too and what better way for them to learn than from Sesame […]

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With The Summer Comes Zika

We are not too far away from the warmer months of the year. As June approaches through to September, temperatures rise and with that comes the problematic increase of the mosquito population. With Zika virus the topic of concern at […]

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Modified Mosquitoes And The Fight Against Zika

The threat of the Zika virus is spreading at an alarming rate. A British biotech company has put forward a proposal to release genetically modified mosquitoes to help combat the virus. Here’s an article with some further information.
Things To Know About […]

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Prepare for Zika if you are Traveling for Spring Break

The numbers are rising in reported Zika cases in the United States. Florida now has four cases of the mosquito borne virus and it’s likely that this number will rise rapidly in the up and coming months.
Four New Zika Cases […]

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