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Category Archives: Mosquito Prevention

Mosquitoes: Chickens to the Rescue!

Researches have discovered that the smell of chickens helps to repel the Anopheles arabiensis mosquito, the responsible critter for spreading the devastating disease of malaria. These scientists have made observations as to the behavior of this particular breed of mosquito, […]

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West Nile Virus Will Spread Come Rain or Shine

With all the talk of Zika virus in the headlines, we need to make sure we’re not forgetting all the other horrible, nasty mosquito borne illnesses that these pesky pests are determined to keep on transmitting.  Last week New Jersey […]

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Factory Full Of Mosquitoes

When you think of factory floors, you think of manufacturing. A place of production and advanced machinery, not somewhere full of scientists, test tubes and millions of mosquitoes!  Yes, you heard right! A factory in China has dedicated space and […]

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You Can Be A Mosquito Hunter Too!

The need for funds is ever increasing to assist for the fight against mosquitoes and in particular the recent threat of the Zika virus. Efforts are being made to protect the public with the use of sprays, however, is there […]

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Mosquitoes: New Jersey Residents may have new Neighbors

Mosquitoes like to settle themselves, lay their hats and call a place home. Worryingly, in the next 10 – 15 years that home could be in New Jersey, and to make matters worse the Aedes Aegypti mosquito, commonly known for […]

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Zika on the Rise in Florida

In just one day, Florida received confirmation of 11 further cases of the Zika virus. Just in one day! Let that information sink in for a moment. Although you may think that 11 is just a small number compared to […]

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Rihanna Cancels Performance due to Zika

Fans of superstar Rihanna will be disappointed to hear that she will not be performing at the famous Lollapalooza festival in Colombia, due to concerns over the Zika virus. Here’s an article with the latest news.
Rihanna Cancels Lollapalooza Colombia Festival Appearance […]

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Mosquitoes Don’t Just Spread Zika!

There’s a lot of reporting all over the world  concerning the Zika virus outbreak, but let’s not forget the other harmful and sometimes fatal diseases that mosquitoes transmit. Here’s an article with 5 mosquito borne illnesses that we need to be […]

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Zika: We’ve Got To Get Moving!

While Congress still dithers about a decision on Zika and providing funds to help the fight, the virus is still headstrong and making it’s way across the United States. So why exactly is it taking them so long to come […]

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Zika in Northern Virginia

Northern Virginia has become the latest to report confirmed cases of the Zika virus. The disease known to be transmitted from the bite of an infected mosquito is increasingly making way across the United States. However, you don’t necessarily have […]

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