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Category Archives: Mosquito Prevention

24/7 Mosquito Protection

The heat is on its way and with it so are the mosquitoes. This time of year is always of concern for our health and protection against these disease spreading pests, particularly with the growing Zika problem.
At present the main […]

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U.S Mosquito May Transmit Zika

There are many types of mosquito out there. Different species are responsible for spreading a variety of mosquito borne diseases. Some are capable of spreading more than one life threatening virus too. A recent study has revealed that one of […]

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Wolbachia: The ‘helpful alien’ in the fight against Mosquitoes

Ever taken a closer look at a mosquito? These tiny creatures visible to the eye, but require a closer look for detail are the culprits for spreading the worlds deadliest diseases. Their bug eyes, needle noses and bellies full of blood […]

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Mosquito Prevention: Are you playing your part?

With the ever present threat that mosquitoes bring to us humans, we are always on the lookout for tips and tricks on how to keep on top of our own mosquito control. The Virginia Health Department have been actively requesting for […]

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Mosquitoes: These Bugs Are Smart!

Did you know that female mosquitoes are the only ones that bite us? Did you know that each time they feast they lay anywhere up to 200 eggs? Did you know that they are in fact the planet’s “most efficient […]

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Wife of Rolling Stone Avoids Exposure to Zika

The beautiful wife of Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards has listened to the alerts surrounding the Zika virus and is taking no chances on her unborn twin babies by leaving Brazil to minimize any exposure to the virus.
Zika virus concern […]

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Spread Awareness of the Zika Virus

The aedes aegypti mosquito, the deadly pest that is held responsible for the transmission of the Zika virus is a 24/7 snack monster! Most mosquitoes tend to feed around the times of dawn and dusk, however this one doesn’t care […]

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Mosquitoes and Sex can spread Zika

We thought it important information to share with you just how the Zika virus can be transmitted from person to person. It’s not only being bitten yourself by an infected mosquito that can put you at risk from this potentially […]

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New Jersey Prepares for the Arrival of Zika

With the very real threat of the Zika virus spreading rapidly, now is the time to prepare for July in New Jersey. The warmer weather, as we know is when mosquitoes are at their highest in population with their larvae […]

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Mosquitoes Adapting to Cooler Climates

A Washington, DC neighborhood has become the latest victim of a huge population of major disease carrying mosquitoes. It’s been discovered that these deadly critters have adapted to the cooler climates in the north. Here’s an article with more information […]

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