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Category Archives: Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes Don’t Just Spread Zika!

There’s a lot of reporting all over the world  concerning the Zika virus outbreak, but let’s not forget the other harmful and sometimes fatal diseases that mosquitoes transmit. Here’s an article with 5 mosquito borne illnesses that we need to be […]

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Zika: We’ve Got To Get Moving!

While Congress still dithers about a decision on Zika and providing funds to help the fight, the virus is still headstrong and making it’s way across the United States. So why exactly is it taking them so long to come […]

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Zika in Northern Virginia

Northern Virginia has become the latest to report confirmed cases of the Zika virus. The disease known to be transmitted from the bite of an infected mosquito is increasingly making way across the United States. However, you don’t necessarily have […]

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Mosquito Control Information is Power for You!

Mosquitoes, the bugs that exist almost everywhere in the world. You’d wish that they were as beneficial as bees are in creating honey and other useful products. But sadly, mosquitoes are most famous for their ability to spread illnesses. They […]

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You don’t need to be Traveling to Rio to be at Risk of Zika

The ever growing threat of the mosquito borne, Zika virus is being highly documented, especially with the lead up to the 2016 Olympics in Brazil. As people prepare to make their travel arrangements to attend the quadrennial event, there have […]

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Mosquito Repellent to Mutant Mosquitoes

All the talk about Zika virus leads to many of us raising the question “what’s the best way to protect ourselves?” Of course, taking preventative measures with anti-mosquito products is the obvious answer, from applying repellents directly onto our skin, […]

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Rio Olympics and the Zika Virus

As the 2016 Olympics approach, there have been concerns over the health risk of the Zika virus in the hosting city of Rio. Brazil was one of the first countries to be affected by the spread of the mosquito born […]

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Sharing Information on Zika

How do you digest information? Are you someone that is good at breaking down text to find the facts that you need? Do you like to perhaps watch a video to pick up your information receptors? Whatever works for every […]

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Zika Virus Transmitted Through Sexual Contact

Over the last few months there has been speculation that the mosquito transmitted virus known as Zika, can be spread through sexual contact. Researchers are currently studying the structure of the disease to discover important clues in the hope of finding therapeutic […]

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The Right Repellent For You

The number of available mosquito repellents on the shelves these days can be overwhelming. Which one may be the best for you? How do you know whether one is better than the other? What ingredients do they contain? Are they […]

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