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Category Archives: Stink Bug Control

Watch Out For Stink Bugs as The Temperature Drops

Cold temperature is the signal to all nature to minimize activity and hibernate- except human beings, of course. Out in the wild, very few animals maintain their regular daily routine. Some hide in caves, while others look for safe places […]

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3 Bugs That Can Be Mistaken For Silverfish

Did you know that silverfish live up to 3 years? Actually, some have even been found to be living for 8 years. Now that’s some huge lifespan for a bug right? Now, silverfish love moisture. If you ask most homeowners […]

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These Three Animals Have One Thing In Common With Stink Bugs- They Stink Too!

Stink bugs didn’t get their name as a joke, they actually stink. Yuck! And yes, it is a defense mechanism. You really don’t want to be on the receiving end. As disgusting as it is, this is a rather interesting […]

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Three Facts About Stink Bugs You Didn’t Know

There’s no bug that has conquered state after state by hitchhiking like the stink bug. And if you weren’t too sure, yes do they stink. The dangerous thing in this conquest mission is that the female egg can lay 400 […]

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Don’t Forget About Stink Bugs As You Anticipate The End Of Winter

You’re probably wondering why you should bother about stink bugs at this time of the year. They may be out of sight but they are definitely out there somewhere. In winter, stink bugs know where to hide and hibernate. You’ll […]

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Stink Bug Season Starts In September

While stink bugs are really more active outdoors in the Spring and Summer, once September (the beginning of fall) arrives, they begin to invade your home. So since September is here, why not go over a few things that seem […]

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Smart Tips For Getting Rid Of Stink Bugs in Virginia and Maryland

The Brown Marmorated Stink Bug has been making itself at home in the United States for just over 20 years and especially in Fairfax County and Great Falls, Virginia. Though they don’t bite or sting, they smell terrible when crushed. […]

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Stink Bugs -They Eat Fruit And Multiply!

With the infamous reputation that stink bugs have garnered, it’s hard to believe they’ve only been in the United States for a little over 20 years! Ever since they allegedly came over on some shipping containers from East Asia, they’ve […]

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