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We Don’t Just Talk About Bug Safety!

If you’re thinking of spending the holiday season celebrating with a cold beer or two or a few glasses of wine, then remember your responsibilities when it comes to being on the road. Allocate a designated driver, or even better for residents of Bethesda, MD, take advantage of free cab rides that they have on offer.

Free Cab Rides Offered Throughout 2016 Holiday Season to Avoid DUIs

If you plan to celebrate the holiday season with alcohol this year, the nonprofit Washington Regional Alcohol Program will give you a free cab ride under its annual Holiday SoberRide program.

Backyard Bug Patrol is not just about spreading awareness relating to those nasty bugs, we care about our communities too. Which is why you will now see amidst our posts about mosquito and tick control and all things creepy crawly, we’ll be starting to implement some local news stories.

So back to the party season preparations. If you do opt a member of your party to stay sober, then why not try some of these non- alcoholic options.

Some of those concoctions may even be a tastier option, they look delicious. In particular the ‘Yule Be Safe Sipper’.

It’s not just in Maryland cities that the free cab ride scheme is available, the scheme is also in action in parts of Virginia too.

Free Holiday Cab Rides Offered Throughout Alexandria To Prevent Drunk Driving

Combating that holiday period which the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says is a “dangerous time to be on the road due to a high number of drunk drivers behind the wheel,”* a local nonprofit organization announced today that free cab rides will be offered to would-be drunk drivers throughout Alexandria, Virginia.

Wherever and however you decide to celebrate, just be safe. Spread the word within your communities and let people know that options are available. It’s not worth taking the risk to get behind the wheel after a glass or two of your favorite ‘tipple’. Prevention and planning ahead is the key to a safe Christmas celebration.

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