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Don’t Let Mosquitoes Ruin Graduation Day

It’s high school graduation season just around the corner and schools in Montgomery County, MD are preparing to celebrate the successes of their students. Some schools are planning to live stream the ceremonies for those that are unable to attend.

Montgomery County High School Graduation Schedule 2017, Live Stream Details

It’s graduation season and Montgomery County Public Schools have released their commencement dates and locations. All graduation ceremonies being held at the DAR Constitution Hall will be live streamed.

For the most part, presentations will take place indoors. However, there are some occasions where such a special event takes place outside, which of course leaves attendees open to all those annoying bugs that might want to join in the celebrations, particularly when you want to continue with your own graduation party at home.

Protect your home, and make sure you use repellents. The last thing you want is to be swatting a mosquito if you are the graduate or spectator.


Throwing a backyard party can be all fun and games—that is, until a swarm of blood-thirsty mosquitoes start dining on your guests. If you plan on entertaining outdoors this summer, fear not. We went on bug patrol and came up with a list of easy ways to keep pesky mosquitoes from ruining your good time.

Make this special day one to remember for the right reasons. Graduate in style and safety because these little pests can pack a punch to cause you misery for your future. The one you’ve just worked so hard for.


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