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Even The Smallest Amount of Standing Water Is A Breeding Ground For Mosquitoes

When was the last time you went into your back yard and cleared any standing water? There doesn’t even need to be a substantial amount of rainfall for water to collect in even the tiniest of spaces, even something as small as a bottle cap. These areas are prime breeding grounds for mosquitoes, so it’s important that you perform this daily task of emptying any collected water, so that these pests cannot breed easily.

Blood-sucking, disease-spreading pests are breeding in your yard — will you stop them?

You will get bit by a mosquito, probably soon. The mosquito larva are already wiggling around in pools of standing water, sometimes in containers as small as a soda cap. That bite will likely be little more than an annoyance, something to scratch at for an hour or a day. But that bite could infect you with West Nile virus, and that might result in a high fever and body aches. In severe cases, the virus can kill people. Over the last 10 years, 10 people across Pennsylvania have died as a result of the virus. And your property is likely a breeding ground for these pests.

Investing in professional mosquito control is also a recommended action to take when protecting you and your family from mosquitoes and the diseases they spread.

There are high mosquito populations in the Hanover area, Pennsylvania as noted in the first article, so if you’re in the neighboring state of Maryland, then you might want to get in touch for your options of mosquito control in MD. Don’t just rely on some of the myths you may have heard in getting rid of these pests.

7 Myths About Getting Rid of Mosquitoes You Need to Stop Using

There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to controlling mosquitoes. Despite what you may have heard, the food you eat won’t affect your chances of being bitten, and neither will buying a bunch of citronella candles. What types of repellents actually work to why the bloodsuckers bite you in the first place, here’s the scoop on mosquitoes.

Relying on a myth is not worth the risk, so take proven action and protect yourself from mosquitoes. These pests are not going away any time soon and with each of us making our contribution to protect our property, we are reducing the risk of breeding and the spread of mosquito borne diseases.

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