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From Maryland to Manchester, Watch Out For Ticks!

Former England rugby legend Matt Dawson has been publicly sharing his terrifying experience of having to undergo heart surgery after being bitten by a tick.  After 18 months of treatment, the 44 year old retired player is on the road to recovery. You can read more about his ordeal in the following article.

Former England rugby captain Matt Dawson is forced to undergo heart surgery after he is bitten by a TICK

Former England rugby captain Matt Dawson was forced to undergo heart surgery after contracting Lyme disease from a tick bite. The 44-year-old developed feverish symptoms following a visit to a park in London early last year and was later diagnosed with the illness. The bacterial infection, caused by infected ticks, can lead to conditions such as meningitis or heart failure if left untreated and can even prove fatal.

Many people are unaware that Lyme disease is a threat in the United Kingdom and so many other places around the globe. It’s not just the commonly documented areas of our planet that suffer from this tiny beast. Just a stroll in a highly populated London park can put you at risk.

Tick borne diseases are constantly on the rise and it is up to us, individually, to do what we can to protect ourselves, our families and our pets. (Yup! Ticks love them too!)

DC-area tick population booming; how to protect yourself

A thriving tick population means a greater chance for exposure to the insects and the Lyme disease they carry in the D.C. region. A University of Maryland entomologist has tips on how to protect your yard and your family.

Whether you’re in Maryland or Manchester, Madrid or Mexico and pretty much everywhere on this planet that is favorable to a tick habitat, you need to check for these disease spreading pests and keep your tick control up to date, starting with your back yard.

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