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More Mosquitoes in Maryland

Everywhere seems to be noticing a higher population of mosquitoes this season. In particular Maryland is experiencing three times the amount of these disease spreading pests than it has in previous years. Here’s an article with some more information.

Dealing with more bug bites than usual? Mosquitoes are 3 times their normal number in Maryland this summer. 

First came the rains. Now come the mosquitoes. Populations of the itch-inducing insects have multiplied across Maryland – in many areas up to three times their normal early summer numbers – because of recent storms and flooding that have given them an abundance of water to breed in.

Home owners in Maryland are urged to take action by making sure their homes are protected with adequate mosquito control. These bugs mean business, and with the rise in population, comes the rise in risk of mosquito borne diseases.

In addition, you want to be making sure you get rid of any standing water, so that these pests have fewer opportunities to breed.

With so many areas of the United States subjected to heavy rainfall and flooding, take every step you can to avoid and protect yourself.

After the floods, mosquitoes will be even worse. Here’s how to avoid them.

A mosquito season that was already off to a fast start is about to get worse.  Last weekend’s floods left behind standing water across the metro that, combined with the hot weather, creates the perfect breeding grounds for mosquitoes. If you don’t want to be bothered by these pests, you’ll want to eliminate the areas where they breed.

If you’re unsure how to protect your home then get in touch with a professional. Don’t give these diseases spreading, needle nosed bugs an opportunity to breed in your yard.


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