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Mosquitoes in Maryland – The Season Is Upon Us

With the warmer temperatures come mosquitoes! Yes, the season of biting misery is almost upon us and with the weather set to hit 80 degrees this week in areas of Potomac, MD it’s not just the sunscreen you want close to hand, it’s the mosquito repellent too.

Potomac Weather Alert: Temps May Hit 80 This Week

The Montgomery County area is about to get positively toasty this week, with a high of up to 80 degrees on Wednesday, according to one forecast. The amazing warmth begins Tuesday, with highs in the 70s. has the area reaching the low 70s Tuesday and the high 70s on Wednesday, but the Washington Post’s Capital Weather Gang predicts the area will hit a high of 76 Tuesday followed by 80 on Wednesday.

So why do mosquitoes thrive in the warmer months and when the cold hits, it slows the suckers down?

As we’ve had a somewhat milder winter this year in areas of the United States, will this mean that the mosquito population will be much higher than usual?

VERIFY | Will a mild winter mean more mosquitoes this summer?

Chances are you may not give much thought to mosquitoes until you get a red, itchy bump on your skin. When you see a spike in the weather you see abnormal activity with mosquitoes or flying insects, and you begin to think it’ll be a bad year for ’em or something of that nature.

The fact is that we are all at risk of mosquito bites, whatever the population, but the chances are increased the more mosquitoes that survive through the winter. So wherever you’re located, do yourselves a due diligence and protect yourself with adequate mosquito control. It’s just not worth the risk to be vulnerable to these disease spreading bugs.

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