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Passionate about Theatre in Silver Spring?

With the turn of every New Year we see plans evolve for future developments. Local communities look to invest in their surroundings and participate in making our amenities more enticing and enjoyable. The Highwood Theatre in downtown Silver Spring has just announced that they are looking to make some pretty huge improvements to a well loved venue.

Local Theatre Company Undergoing Major Renovations to Better Serve the Community

The Highwood Theatre in downtown Silver Spring is thrilled to announce their biggest endeavor to date. The local non-profit theatre company is about to nearly double the size of their space, adding a larger theatre with twice the audience capacity that will enable them to serve more students and expand their services to the community.

As the theatre is reaching out to the community for support, we here at Backyard Bug Patrol thought we would play our part in sharing their intentions with our audience. Here’s a little bit more about what they do:-

This investment in time and energy is sure to have a hugely positive impact for residents of Silver Spring, MD and the surrounding communities. So why not get involved? If you’re passionate about theatre or even just want to become a little more involved in developments for the future you can find out more about their campaign.


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