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David Beckham Gets Serious About Malaria

Sporting legend David Beckham has joined the fight against mosquitoes with a video that just might make your skin crawl. By raising awareness of the mosquito borne disease malaria, we can all ensure we are taking action in protecting ourselves against mosquitoes. It is about educating one another and making sure that the subject is heard by the people that need to hear it. The people that can do something. The people that can help to make a change.  Here’s an article, which includes the video if you’ve not already seen it.

Watch David Beckham Stare Down a Swarm of Mosquitoes to Make an Important Point About Malaria

Don’t worry, he’s fine—Beckham recently posted this video on Instagram as part of the Malaria Must Die campaign. Beckham, a spokesperson for the campaign, shared the hair-raising short film alongside the caption: “Join me in raising awareness and show your support for the Malaria Must Die campaign. Let’s end malaria, for everyone, for good.”

Mosquitoes are the biggest killers on the planet. They may be tiny in size but their ability to spread disease is phenomenal, which is why mosquito control is such an important part of being a homeowner. You may not live in an area susceptible to malaria, but there are many more life threatening mosquito borne illnesses that are closer to home than you think.

All it takes is one bite from an infected mosquito and a life is changed forever. So if you ‘think’ mosquitoes don’t like the taste of you and you’re safe, then you’re wrong. Of course, it’s been reported that they prefer the taste of some of us to others, but would you really want to take the risk of not protecting yourself?

What Exactly Attracts Mosquitoes To Bite Humans?

You’ve probably heard that parasites like mosquitoes are attracted to, or like to bite some humans over others. This was long considered to be just a rumor, but in practice, it turns out to have some validity. Mosquitoes actually are attracted to the carbon dioxide that humans and other animals exhaled when they breathe. This is one way mosquitoes can find their prey, as they can use their other senses including vision, and thermal sensor information to determine if a potential host is nearby.

Listen to those that have the power to raise awareness, listen to those that don’t. Anyone that can give you valuable information that can help spread awareness of these killer pests needs to be heard.

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