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Keep Kids Safe From Mosquitoes in your Back Yard

Kids just love to play, right? It’s all about fun when you’re a child, and expelling all of that excess energy, which is why it’s great when your child can enjoy being outdoors in your back yard. There’s room to run, throw a ball, play in the kids pool. However, mosquitoes also love to enjoy the outdoor areas of your home too, so here’s a little Q&A session on how you can keep your kids safe when having fun in your yard.

How can you prevent mosquitoes in a kiddie pool?

Mosquitoes love standing water. It is the perfect place for them to breed and so your kiddie pool is the ideal spot for mommy mosquito to lay her eggs. The best way to prevent this from happening is to do the obvious thing and make sure there is no standing water for them! So at the end of each day, make sure you empty the pool. During the day when it’s time for lunch or the pool is not in use, cover it over and make sure there’s nothing lying around the pool area that could also be the perfect spot for mosquitoes. Just because they are not in the pool, doesn’t mean they are not lurking around nearby.


How can I protect my child from mosquito bites?

Prevention of mosquito bites is so important, which is why you should ensure you use a good repellent that is suitable for children. You can find out more in by visiting Health Tips: Protect Kids From Mosquito Bites

Is DEET safe for children?

There has been concern as to whether using a repellent that contains DEET is safe for your kids. Good news is that tests have confirmed that it is safe to use these products but you should take some precautions.

Is mosquito repellent safe for babies?

It’s not recommended that repellents that contain DEET are used for very young babies. You may want to check with your local drug store the best way to protect an infant. Here’s an article with some common questions on the safety of using repellents on kids.

Of course, there is additional action you can take to protect your children in your yard and that’s by ensuring you have adequate mosquito control to stop these bloodsuckers getting anywhere near your kids. It’s worth talking to a professional about the mosquito control that is available to you. Here at Backyard Bug Patrol, we’re here to answer your questions when it comes to making your yard as pest free as possible.

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