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Keep Your Bird Bath Mosquito Free

Your back yard is full of nature. Birds, insects and animals all frequently like to spend time there, and many of them we welcome with open arms. With the exception of mosquitoes of course! Many of us want to welcome beautiful birds to our homely surroundings so many of us have bird baths in our yards. These are great for our feathered friends to cool down in and take a drink, but they are also not so great! Why? Because mosquitoes love them too!

Birdbaths And Mosquitoes

Birdbaths are an enjoyable addition to any landscape, attracting birds and other wildlife. They’re also a favorite spot for mosquitoes, however. Birdbaths are easily overlooked, but because they’re often placed in sunny locations with shallow water inside, they are perfect places for mosquitoes to lay their eggs.

You can take steps to make sure that you don’t make your bird bath so enticing to mosquitoes.

Making sure you regularly change the water in your bird bath is so important if you want to keep the mosquitoes away. It’s also worth investing in a professional mosquito spray for your yard. Just for that added extra and reliable protection.

Mosquitoes Do Not Breed in a Well-Maintained Bird Bath

Worried about mosquitoes breeding in your bird bath? Don’t be! In our new resource page ‘Mosquitoes, Bird Baths and Your Backyard‘, we explain why a well-maintained bird bath won’t breed mosquitoes and where mosquitoes are more likely to breed in your yard.

Of course, it’s also nice for the birds to have fresh water too. It’s enjoyable to watch them in your yard, so make your bird bath enticing for birds (clean and fresh) and not so enticing for those disease-spreading pests.

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