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Mega Mosquito Alert!

When we’re hit by a hurricane, it’s not just the devastation of lives and property lost, it’s also the after math, the clear up process and whatever horrors these extreme storms leave behind. Hurricane Florence has left a huge amount of flood water, which has resulted in ‘mega mosquitoes’ invading parts of the United States.

Mega-mosquitoes are attacking the Carolinas after Hurricane Florence; here’s why

Scientists and Carolina locals alike are now noticing a new after-effect of Hurricane Florence that really bites. Swarms of super-sized mosquitoes are popping up all over the Carolinas, according to CNN. The pests spawned from the floodwaters of the hurricane that wreaked havoc on the Southeastern states last month. The mosquitoes are said to be of the species Psorophora ciliata, commonly known as “gallinippers.” According to CNN, they have zebra striped legs and can be up to three times the size of an average mosquito.

These mosquito giants, may not be known to transmit diseases, but we’re sure that their bite may pack a punch.

As the weather begins to cool, it’s hoped that the mosquito population will drop. Until then, whether you’re in the Carolinas or not, it’s wise to check in on your mosquito prevention methods.

Monster mosquitoes 3 times larger than normal terrorize North Carolina in wake of Hurricane Florence

Swarms of uncharacteristically large mosquitoes have overtaken North Carolina in the wake of Hurricane Florence, USA Today reports. Severe flooding caused by Hurricane Florence apparently caused dormant gallinipper eggs to hatch, swelling the population of the blood-thirsty parasites into the billions. Thankfully, experts anticipate that the mosquito population will drop off dramatically once the weather gets colder.

Mosquitoes are natures public enemy number one, and they’re getting bigger! These monsters are real. They’re not in a make believe horror film, so be safe everyone. Keep yourselves protected.

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