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Mosquito Awareness for New Dog Owners

For those of you out there who already own a dog, you are probably already familiar with how to make sure your pet pooch is protected from mosquitoes. However, there are many people out there who have made an important addition to their lives and family. Here’s a little mosquito awareness for new dog owners.

What dangers do mosquitoes pose towards your dog?

There are a number of conditions and diseases that your dog can be susceptible to if it gets bitten by a mosquito. Heartworms, West Nile virus and allergic reactions are to name a few. Mosquito-borne diseases in dogs are to be taken seriously, and as a responsible pet owner, you need to know how you can prevent your dog from becoming a victim of one.

mosquito awareness

How do you protect your dog from mosquitoes?

Think about the times of the day when mosquitoes are most active. These are when you want to avoid taking your dog for a walk to reduce the risk of a bite. You can also purchase specially formulated insect repellent for dogs too, so not only should you be spraying yourself with mosquito repellent before you head outdoors, you should be giving your dog a spray too.  Also, as heartworm is caused by mosquitoes, keeping heartworm treatment up to date will also help keep them safe.

Do dogs attract mosquitoes?

As dogs also produce a high level of carbon dioxide when they exhale, just like us humans, they are also very attractive to mosquitoes. They also like body heat and will navigate towards warmth for their feed. Both humans and in fact, many other animals, not just dogs are therefore an appetising meal for a mosquito.

Why do mosquitoes like dog water?

As you know, mosquitoes like to ‘hang out’ in standing water. It’s their preferential breeding ground and so the water bowl for your dog is exactly the kind of place they are looking for. Ensure you empty the bowl regularly. You also want to make sure that any other areas in your yard where water can collect are disposed of, to reduce the risk of mosquitoes around your home and invest in professional mosquito control.

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