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Mosquito Awareness Week: Let’s Fight The Bite!

Mosquito Awareness Week is just around the corner. June 23-29 is a time to help raise awareness about the dangers of mosquitoes and what you can do in terms of prevention and protection. The following article shares ideas that you could get involved in to play your part in the fight against the bite.

National Mosquito Control Awareness Week

Here are a few ideas on how you can get the word out:  Distribute a press release. Contact your local radio station and offer to be a guest expert. Contact your local elementary school and offer to talk about mosquitoes. Contact your local girl scout or boy scout troop and offer to teach about mosquitoes. Set up an informational display in your community…

How can you get involved? Do you have any creative ideas in helping raise awareness in your community?

One of the simplest ways to help reduce the mosquito population is to check your back yard for standing water. Mosquitoes love it, it’s their ideal breeding ground. So if you get rid of it, it means they have fewer places they can populate. Just sharing this simple action of mosquito prevention has a huge contribution in raising awareness in this fight against these disease-spreading pests.

Garden Plot: Don’t wait until ‘mosquito week’ to stop your skeeters

National Mosquito Control Awareness Week won’t be “celebrated” until later this month (June 23-29, to be precise), and by then it will be too late to know anything other than the fact you’ve got more bite marks on you than … than … OK, whatever I say here will get me into trouble, so let’s just say a lot of bites. That’s because the first female mosquitoes of the season are biting now and laying eggs that will hatch in roughly 10 days. So if you wait until the end of June to take action, you’ll be bitten by the great-granddaughters of the first mosquito that got you.

You can find out more about mosquito control and other helpful tips to keeping your yard pest free by visiting our Facebook page. A simple ‘like’ and ‘share’ of our page or its content is another way you can help spread awareness. Let’s fight the bite together!

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