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Aedes Aegypti Mosquito: Removing the Troublemaker

If you had an opportunity to take the main protagonist out of an equation where people where suffering, would you? If this troublemaker inflicted misery and fatality on the world what would your view be if there was an option to remove them from existence? Take the Aedes Aegypti mosquito for instance. If removing this pest would not cause a profound environmental impact, what would be your viewpoint?

Dr. Fauci: Eliminating Zika-Carrying Mosquito Would Not Cause Profound Environmental Impact ‘At All’

“Whenever people talk about genetically modified anything, there’s always a segment of the population that pushes back understandably,” Fauci said of the possibility of genetically engineering the Zika-carrying mosquitoes out of existence. “You don’t want to perturb the environment in an irreversible way that might have unintended consequences.

Understandably, there are mixed opinions when it comes to this proposed genetically modified method. Does anyone really know the impact it will have on the environment? We also have to consider that it’s not just the Zika virus that these killers carry.

An interesting and educational animation. However, as the video says “once we do it there is no going back” and it’s down to humanity to decide how we proceed.

State Approves Trial For New Mosquito Control Method

A trial of genetically modified mosquitoes has received approval from the FDA, but has been delayed after significant public opposition. Monroe County voters will weigh in with a nonbinding referendum vote next month. The final decision is up to the Florida Keys Mosquito Control Board.

Will this trial have the intended effect? Will it bring confidence to perform further afield?

In the meantime, do your part in the fight against mosquito borne disease and make sure your mosquito control is up to date and you know the best methods of mosquito prevention.

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