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Can Good Come Out Of Zika?

Looking back at the months of August and September last year, the panic of the Zika virus was in full swing! Although the virus had been surfacing for many months prior to this, the realization that the U.S was very much under threat from this harmful disease was an eye opener and many expectant mothers were very rightly so, concerned for the health of their unborn babies. The spread of the disease is still very much a huge problem that we are all up against, and with it, only comes negative connotations. However, could something good come out of Zika? The following article might have something that gives us a little hope when it comes to the mosquito borne disease and how it impacts our health.

Could Zika become a cancer treatment?

The Zika virus struck fear into the hearts of parents and would-be parents, last year. Moms who were infected during pregnancy often gave birth to babies with serious birth defects, including small brains. A number of the problems linked to the disease came from how the virus impacted the developing nervous system. But someday, Zika might also gain renown as a medical therapy — to treat deadly brain cancers.

Could the virus be the answer to kill certain stem cells that lead to deadly brain cancers? Only time will tell, but here’s hoping some good can come out of it…

The most common form of deadly brain cancer could be combated with the help of the most deadly creature on the planet! How ironic is that!

Could Zika Virus Be the Answer to Brain Cancer?

You may have spent the summer dousing yourself in mosquito spray or staying indoors, especially if you’re a pregnant woman. Ever since its debut, many scientists have worked hard to find a vaccine for the Zika virus. While there’s no vaccine on the market yet, many scientists are exploring another, more potent, use for the virus: treating brain cancer.

Remember, we may be spreading a little positive light about these critters, but we still need to keep on top of protecting ourselves from them more than ever. Mosquitoes will always be our enemy, but what about if we kept our enemy’s closer? Maybe they could be of some use after all!

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