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Can You Turn A Mosquito Into A Vegetarian?

You may think that all mosquitoes like the taste of flesh. That these tiny bugs that spread deadly diseases are only satisfied when they are chomping on their latest blood supply. However, did you know that there are actually some mosquitoes that prefer the herbivore approach? The species known by their scientific name Wyeomyia smithii, have evolved from YeahHi itheir blood sucking ancestors to prefer the sweetness of the nectar. Here’s an article with more information:-

Unlocking the secrets of why some mosquitoes have a taste for flowers over flesh

When blood and syrupy nectar are both on the menu, pitcher plant mosquitoes tend to go for the vegetarian option. But not all of them do. A new Ohio State study uses the species’ dietary variety to explore why those mosquitoes, whose scientific name is Wyeomyia smithii, have evolved from an ancestral, blood-based regimen to one that favors blossom-based meals.

Are these pests conscious of a healthier, plant based life style? Could we possibly turn the deadly mosquito into a vegetarian? We know that the other disease spreading pest, the tick can cause us humans to turn to vegetarianism…

Let’s flip the scenario a little. What about a plant that actually eats mosquitoes!!

A plant in your garden that eats mosquitoes?

Having a moneyplant or a cactus in your verandah is so predictable. More and more plant lovers are waking up to a more exciting — if bizarre — gardening option. Welcome to the world of carnivorous plants, which you’ve probably read about in school. Now, nurseries are selling them by the dozen to enthusiastic gardeners. They need little care, have to be watered from time to time and can catch their own prey for food. So, how’s that for a hassle-free pet?

It’s a good idea to fill your yard with plants that repel these little critters, but for further protection make sure you’ve got mosquito control in place too. You can never be too careful which species wants to enjoy your outdoor area. Those that prefer their flesh and blood or the ones who like to graze their way through a nice tasty plant.

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