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Don’t be so Attractive to Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes! You hear the word and you think pest, itchy bites, disease, biggest killers in the world and much, much more. These tiny little critters are a threat to the world and they date back to the Jurassic age, so there’s no chance they are likely to disappear any time soon. Here’s an article with even more information that will get you thinking.

Insects from Hell – 32 Things You Did Not Know about Mosquitoes

These are the strangest females invented by nature. But they do not ruin the life of their own males but ours. Mosquitoes are insects of the Order Diptera (thus related with the flies, even “mosquito” is a Spanish word meaning “little fly”), suborder Nematocera (“with thin antennae”) and belong to the Culicidae family.

Number 15 refers to our attraction to mosquitoes through the carbon dioxide we produce when we exhale and through our sweat. It’s important to stay protected at all times, but if you practice sports in particular, you will be producing more sweat and carbon dioxide than usual. This video shows other reasons why you may be on the menu of a mosquito.

The message we are trying to share here is that mosquito prevention is better than cure. Take whatever steps you can to avoid getting bitten.

The best (and worst) ways to beat mosquito bites

First one, then another. Bite! Slap! Bite! Before you know it, mosquitoes are descending from the skies to disrupt your backyard summer soiree. How can such a tiny, fragile insect cause so much pain, suffering and annoyance? Notwithstanding the death and disease that mosquito-borne pathogens cause around the world, the annoyance caused by mosquito bites can be seriously disruptive (and yes, they might bite you more than your friends). The reactions to bites can be severe, and when swarms of mosquitoes swell in the suburbs, the impacts can be substantial.

Don’t let these pests ruin your enjoyment of your back yard, your favorite sports or a stroll outside. They are a constant threat that won’t go away, so do what you can to not be so attractive to them.

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