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Fighting Mosquito Myths

There are lots of myths surrounding mosquitoes, some more believable than others. What food scares them off, the time of day or night they are most likely to feast on you, who they are inclined to feed on… the list goes on. But just how many of them actually carry an element of truth to them. Here’s an article that might set a few things straight.

Debunking myths about mosquito’s and malaria

Mosquitoes only like the blood of humans. This is true for some mosquitoes, but because female mosquitoes need a blood meal, most will take it from wherever they can find it. For example, livestock kept outside the homestead can attract mosquitoes. There’s even been a suggestion that cattle should be treated with insecticide as a malaria control strategy.

As we know, mosquitoes are a firm nuisance to our lives and a danger to our health, so it’s worth making sure we know fact from fiction when it comes to these disease spreading suckers.

Are there a few facts there that you thought were fiction perhaps? There are many things that scientists are still researching into when it comes to mosquitoes, especially when it concerns the viruses they can transmit to humans.

The West Nile virus was recently reported to be a little more concerning than previously thought. Let’s get some facts over to you now via this article.

West Nile Virus Infections May Prove Deadlier Than Previously Thought 

Researchers continue to learn more about West Nile virus and its distressing effects. Principal author on the study, Kristy O. Murray, DVM, PhD, was quoted in a press release as saying, “While we understand the current focus on Zika virus, for many people in the United States today, West Nile virus is the much more serious mosquito-borne threat, and that threat may persist even for patients who appear to have survived the infection unscathed.”

One thing you can be sure of is that you need to protect yourself from mosquitoes. There will forever be myths surrounding these tiny pests, so the best thing to do is be on the safe side. Get your mosquito control up to date now.

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