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Home Remedies for Mosquito Bites

Prevention is cure as they say! When it comes to mosquitoes, being able to avoid a bite altogether is the best way to protect yourself from the diseases they spread and that irritating itch they leave you with, once they’ve injected their germs into you. However, here’s an article with some home remedies that can help you cure that itch and stop you from scratching.

9 home remedies for mosquito bite itch

The best method of dealing with mosquitos is to keep them from biting you in the first place by applying insect repellent before heading outdoors. But that’s not always possible, and it’s not always 100 percent effective. The second line of defense is having a reliable remedy to stop the itch before you scratch the bites into oblivion.

Speaking of being around the home, it’s also worth making sure your mosquito control is up to date and your back yard is as safe as it can be from these critters.

A bite from one of these tiny creatures can pack a real punch, and the thing is, you don’t know they’ve got you until it’s too late!

Expert: The most important thing you can do to protect against mosquito bites

Henrico urges residents to “pick one day each week to fight the bite.” Culex mosquitoes, the species that can carry West Nile, laying their eggs in stagnant water that has been sitting for at least one week. Official say residents should take one day each week to walk around their yard and tip over sitting water in things like corrugated drain pipes, bird baths, or children’s toys.

Make sure you clear your outside areas for any potential mosquito breeding grounds, wear repellent and avoid those dawn and dusk hours when they are most active.

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