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Hurricane Irma Leaves An Aftermath Of Mosquitoes

As if the devastation and fear caused by both hurricane Irma and Harvey were not enough as the tore their way through the Caribbean and the United States, there are further concerns with the aftermath they have left behind. One major concern is that an increase in the mosquito population has emerged from the storm. Here’s an article with more information.

The Health 202: Mosquitoes, carbon monoxide and chemicals are big post-Irma health concerns

A lot of attention has fallen on the alligators, snakes and fire ants that were forced from their swampy abodes and into flooded back yards and living rooms during Hurricane Harvey. But the most fearsome creature to emerge from the storm may be the humble mosquito.

With lots of standing water remaining, mosquitoes have the perfect places to breed. We know for those that became victims of this terrible storm, removing this water may not be a huge priority, as they struggle to put back together their lives and homes. However, for anyone who can help to clear these potential mosquito habitats, it’s time well spent to prevent the spread of diseases and the cause of further devastation.

Mosquito control is paramount in times like these, so make sure your own personal protection is in place with your local pest control provider. Don’t let your yard be overrun by blood sucking insects, just like the lady in this article.

Hurricane Irma Flooding Creates Haven For Mosquitoes

Deona Snyder’s yard has been overrun with blood-sucking insects ever since Hurricane Irma flooded her backyard. “I moved one of the plants, and there was like a million mosquitoes in that plant,” said Snyder, who lives on Northwest 19th Lane in Gainesville.As a result of the standing water left behind by the hurricane, Alachua County residents can expect to see a dramatic increase in mosquitoes in the coming weeks, experts say.

We may not be able to do much about natural disasters except for being prepared as best we can. It’s the same when it comes to mosquitoes… be prepared… be safe… be protected from blood sucking critters!

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