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Could Mosquitoes Assist With A Possible Zombie Apocalypse?

So it may be a little extreme, but the spread of disease from infected creatures is a very real scenario that we are all facing right now, in the world today. We’d like to draw your attention to the first section in this article and the ‘real world possibility’ it describes. For many fans of a good zombie movie, this might even send a shudder down your spine.


It’s safe to say that all things zombie are now mainstream (any Walking Dead fans here?). What’s not to love about postapocalyptic times where dead people come to life and have no purpose other than to feast on the living? But what do they have to do with vaccine refusals, climate change and natural disasters?

Get the right combination of ‘agent, host and environment’ and there might just be something to worry about.

What it all comes down to, would be if the zombie virus could actually be transmitted by a mosquito? Would they be able to carry it or even survive it? Let’s use the TV show The Walking Dead for an example…

Why don’t undead mosquitoes exist in the Walking Dead series?

It depends if the zombie virus is lethal to mosquito or not. Also if they can transfer the zombie virus in the first place. Mosquito can transfer malaria but not Aids. Also including the fact that they may not drink dead person’s blood/putrefying blood because it may or probably is poisonous to them. Mosquitoes are attracted by Carbon dioxide, heat, and certain acids on the skin. So I guess Walkers of The Walking Dead series wouldn’t be a food choice for the mosquitoes.

It may seem a very unlikely event, but zombies and mosquitoes have one thing in common, they spread disease with their bite. So next time you venture out without protecting yourself from these potentially apocalyptic pests, take a moment to realize the risks you are taking.

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