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Mosquitoes Are After Your Blood Early This Year!

Mosquito season is upon us already! There have been sightings of these swarming, disease spreading pests earlier than usual and with spring on our doorstep, it’s time to take action if you’ve not done so already. These critters are out for our blood, and with it have the potential of infecting us with some horrible diseases.

What’s that buzzing sound? The first mosquitoes of the year are out for blood

The winged irritants are right on schedule, according to the Sacramento-Yolo Mosquito & Vector Control District. Warm temperatures bring mosquitoes out of hibernation weeks before spring starts, said district spokeswoman Luz Maria Robles. Those mosquitoes will lay the eggs that will hatch into the summer mosquito population.

With heavier rainfall over the last few months over much of the United States, there leaves the problem of excess standing water, which in turn, makes an ideal habitat for mosquitoes to breed, just as it did back in 2015.

“You can never do too much to prevent mosquito bites!” What action are you taking? Is your mosquito control up to date? Are your family protected from these pests?

Experts: Prepare for a potentially major mosquito season

In addition to being a biting, blood sucking nuisance, mosquitoes also generate fear of West Nile Virus, which has the potential to be deadly. Experts with vector controls in Sacramento-Yolo, Sutter-Yuba, Placer and San Joaquin counties say the severity of a West Nile outbreak is unpredictable.

You don’t have to be in Sacramento, CA to be taking action against these pests. Wherever you are in the world, mosquitoes are there with you and they are looking for their next taste of blood.

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