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Mosquitoes: Reducing these Pests from Breeding is a Blessing.

With increased rainfall in many areas of the United States that has resulted in flooding, comes with it the threat of an increased mosquito population. Of course with that, brings a health alert to mosquito borne illness.

Recent floods cause increase in mosquitoes

With the recent storms comes flooding, that flooding becomes a breeding ground for mosquitoes. The conditions where we’re most likely to see the bugs and how we can best protect ourselves from bites.

Even if where you live has been lucky enough to avoid the frequent rainfall, you still need to make sure you are well protected from these critters.

Lee County in Florida has increasing concerns. Last year you may recall the Zika virus raised it’s ugly head in the southern State, so when the buzzing population is on the rise there are worried faces a plenty.

Zika cases continue to increase in Florida

Florida has reported six additional cases of the Zika virus during the past week, bringing the total to 113 in 2017, according to numbers posted Monday on the state Department of Health website.

Wherever you are, it’s wise to make sure you have adequate mosquito control and are taking all measures to protect yourself. Whatever we can do to contribute to reducing the opportunities for these pests to breed is a blessing.

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