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Mosquitoes Are Still Alive And Waiting During The Hard Freeze

With so many parts of the United States succumbing to the ‘hard freeze’ that has seen record low temperatures, many questions have been raised as to whether mosquitoes will survive the cold weather. Could this perhaps lead to a drop in the population of these disease spreading beasts in the months ahead. Here’s an article with some information.

Will the winter blast kill mosquitoes?

After snow and back to back freezes you would expect the icy fatal blow to squash the mosquito nuisance come springtime, but think again. We all know the itchy feeling of getting bit by mosquitoes but the winter months has slowed the bites. But surprisingly the cold does not kill the eggs and and once the temperatures warm up the bugs attack again.

So it looks like this killer cold snap, isn’t enough to kill off mosquitoes! When the weather warms up, these pests will continue to develop just in time to cause havoc.

So even though you may not be seeing many mosquitoes right now, it doesn’t mean that they’ve disappeared. They’re just lying dormant until temperatures rise. They are very much still alive and waiting, but can as many survive?

Does all this cold weather mean there will be fewer mosquitoes next summer?

The snow is blowing sideways outside, and the temperature is stuck somewhere between ‘brrrrrr’ and ‘Holy Fahrenheit and Lord Celsius, whyyyyy?!?’ It’s awful out there, and we’re only a few days into the year. So is there anything we can look forward to? Any upside to the massive chill pill being forced down our throats? Maybe the cold will kill off the cold-blooded bloodsuckers that make our lives hell in warmer weather?

Not necessarily. While a mild winter can lead to more bugs than usual the reverse is not necessarily true.

Now may be the perfect time to check that you’ve got your mosquito control up to date and ready for the ‘awakening’ because when these pests wake up, they’re gonna be seriously hungry!

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