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Multiple Mosquito Borne Virus in One Infected Bite

It was winter last year that the Zika virus began to populate the news headlines due to a break out in Brazil. Since then, there have been thousands of reported cases here in the United States. Here’s an article about what action is currently being taken to fight this mosquito transmitted disease.

What’s being done to fight the Zika virus? 

The first time most Americans heard about the Zika virus was when it was breaking out in Brazil last winter. Hundreds of babies were born with catastrophic brain damage called microcephaly. In September, after eight months of political deadlock, Congress finally approved $1.1 billion to fight the virus. Dr. Anthony Fauci, head of infectious diseases at the National Institutes of Health, says the delay is an example of what worries him most about Zika.

The emphasis here is that it’s not on the mosquito spreading the virus, but on us as human beings. We can cover much more distance than these tiny pests, so for those of us who like to travel, and particularly to those areas that are now well under threat of Zika, it’s important we know what precautions to take to stop the disease spreading further.

The reality is that this virus is “Spreading explosively across Central and South America” and we need to take every step that we can think of to protect ourselves and our loved ones.  Preventing mosquitoes from doing any more damage than they are already responsible for.

It’s not just Zika that these critters are a cause for concern, there are many other mosquito borne diseases that we humans are in danger of.

Zika Virus Teams Up With Other Viruses to Sicken People

Two studies out Monday show that the Zika virus may not be working alone in causing strange infections in South America. It may be getting help from dengue and chikungunya, too. One team found that mosquitoes can be infected with Zika and chikungunya at the same time and could, in theory, infect people with both viruses in a single bite.

It may only take on bite from an infected mosquito that could result in a lifetime of illness, not just from one disease, but the potential of two! You have been warned.

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