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A Reminder of the Dangers of Mosquito Borne Disease

Sometimes we need to be shaken up with a very big reminder that the danger of mosquito borne diseases are very real! This sad news article about the death of a man in Tarrant County, TX is a sobering reminder as to just how deadly these tiny creatures are.

Mosquito bite came first, then West Nile and, eventually, death

Gary Curtiss Copeland was an active, vibrant man who loved traveling with his family and adventures with grandkids that usually ended with a trip to the local Dairy Queen.But in October, after being bitten by a mosquito and diagnosed with West Nile virus, Copelands health deteriorated, family members said.

The article mentions that the family are unaware as to where the man was bitten and that it could have been possible, it was even at their own home. Mr Copeland’s wife identified that the potted plants they have surrounding them on their porch are the ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes.

You can also invest in a barrier spray for your home. It’s worth every penny for the protection of yourself and your family. There are also even other plants that have been known to ward off mosquitoes.

11 Plants That Repel Mosquitoes

Chances are, youve heard of this one before- its one of the most common ingredients in most mosquito repellents. Strange enough though, many people dont even know that citronella is actually a plant! Citronella is a beautiful perennial clumping grass that emits a strong aroma. That aroma masks other scents, and keeps mosquitoes from being attracted to things located around it.

All over the world there are a significant number of fatalities from mosquito borne disease. Some countries are not fortunate enough to be able to take the preventative measures that we have so readily available to us here in the U.S. We are the lucky ones, take advantage of that.

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