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Take Part In National Mosquito Control Awareness Week 2017

It’s National Mosquito Control Awareness Week 2017. A time where an emphasis is made to make the general public aware about the threat we face with mosquitoes, and what action can be taken to ensure protection from these disease spreading pests. Many mosquito control companies across the U. S take part in helping to spread this awareness and we here at Backyard Bug Patrol are doing just that. We hope that our frequent blog posts, keep to the forefront of your mind what you are up against when it comes to mosquitoes. Here’s an article we thought we would share about ways to ‘get smart’ and avoid getting bitten.

To Avoid Mosquitoes: Get Smart!

With temperatures rising and more people heading outdoors for summer fun, the mosquito experts from the SC Johnson Institute of Insect Science for Family Health – one of the world’s largest private, urban entomology research centers – offer their 60 years of insect expertise to help consumers protect themselves against mosquito bites.

As well as protecting your outdoor areas by removing standing water, it’s worth investing in professional methods of mosquito control.

With a mild and somewhat wetter winter, the mosquito population is at large. They have thrived during the months that would usually have ‘cooled’ them off a little.

Controlling mosquitoes and their habitat

If you have been noticing an increased and unwelcomed buzz lately, you are not alone. Russ Parman, assistant manager with the Santa Clara County Vector Control District, says because “of the abundance of rain we had earlier in the year we still have areas of standing water and damp environments that serve as perfect breeding grounds for mosquitoes and other flying pests.”

As the article suggests, take a walk around your property and be aware of what may be an enticing breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Get involved with sharing awareness. If we all make a contribution, we can make our outdoor time far more enjoyable and reduce the threat that surrounds us from these potentially killer bugs!


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