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Utilize Bats to Bite Back at Mosquitoes

Can bats really help to control the mosquito population? A question that has been around for some time, that has not generated a solid answer. It’s true that a bat will eat a few mosquitoes, along with many other bugs, but is that enough to claim that they are helping us fight against these killer bugs? Here’s a really interesting article about the benefits of bats against mosquitoes.

Can bats really eat 1000 mosquitoes per hour? A closer look at pest control claims

You’ve probably heard the one about the bat and the mosquito. One of them can eat up to 1,000 of the other every hour! That’s 12,000 per night! 4.3 million per year, even in a non-Leap Year! Some bats can live for around 40 years, meaning a single animal can eat 175 million mosquitoes in its life, right?

Positive enough reason to keep the bats around right? For many of us, bats can creep us out and form an association to horror movies and the likes of Halloween but in reality, they’re contribution to killing mosquitoes is warmly welcomed and they’re not as scary as we might think.

Investing in your own bat house may be a good idea, however investing in the latest mosquito control from your local professional is a no brainer!

Communities are also looking further into how bats can assist in this ongoing battle. Here’s an article about a town looking to utilize bats to bite back at mosquitoes.

Edwardsville looks to Bats to Control Mosquito Population

Officials in Edwardsville have come up with a unique plan to deal with the problem of mosquitoes — and thus help curtail the potential spread of the Zika virus.

So next time you see a bat swoop by, don’t think of it in a ‘horror’ context. Think of it as your friendly neigborhood bat fighting mosquito crime!

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