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Warfare with Mosquitoes

What’s that noise? That buzzing, irritating noise lurking above your head! No it’s not a mosquito (or it could be, so make sure you’re protected) but a drone. Yes, you heard right… it may not be too long before you see drones as common place in the air above you and it may just be doing a little more to protect you! Against mosquitoes.

Drones used to hunt and destroy mosquito populations

There is a certain irony in using drones to fight the creature with the planet’s most annoying buzz, but that is exactly what Adelaide scientist Dr Ken Clarke is doing. “Drones have great potential in the fight against mosquitoes,” Dr Clarke said. “It’s cheaper, it’s faster. It allows for easier access to otherwise difficult terrain.

Okay, so you may not be ‘hanging out’ in salt marshes or wetlands all that often, but the great news is that these alternative buzzing pests can get to places that we can’t reach. The places mosquitoes love to breed in.

Flip it the other way round and the defense industry is actually working on a drone that could be the size of a mosquito.

So let’s get back to those annoying, disease spreading pests that cause terror to us in our own back yards. Are you putting up your own defenses in the form of mosquito control?

Mosquito-proof your yard

Sure, you can apply mosquito repellant, or just stay indoors, but if you actually want to use your outdoor space without constantly reaching for the bug spray, here are some ways you can make your yard mosquito-free.

If you decide to call upon the assistance of a professional to help you with your own “chemical warfare” against mosquitoes, then look no further than investing in mosquito prevention with us, today.

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