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West Nile Virus Worse Than First Thought

The mosquito transmitted disease known as West Nile virus, has been reported to be a deadlier threat than previously thought. This is concerning for many who have been infected by the illness and of course to us all who are vulnerable to these harmful critters. Here’s an article with more information.

West Nile Virus Infections May Prove Deadlier Than Previously Thought 

Researchers continue to learn more about West Nile virus and its distressing effects. Principal author on the study, Kristy O. Murray, DVM, PhD, was quoted in a press release as saying, “While we understand the current focus on Zika virus, for many people in the United States today, West Nile virus is the much more serious mosquito-borne threat, and that threat may persist even for patients who appear to have survived the infection unscathed.”

As mosquito season is almost upon us, many of us are taking action to ensure that our backyards are free from bugs, allowing us to enjoy time outside safely.

That’s right! Standing water needs to be removed as soon as you spot it! Don’t leave any opportunity for mosquitoes to breed.

As well as investing in mosquito control, you might want to check out these plants that can help keep the pests out.

8 Mosquito-Repelling Plants You Need in Your Backyard ASAP

If you already know how to avoid mosquito bites, and you take your usual precautions to ward off mosquitoes, you’re off to a good start. If you haven’t yet tried repelling mosquitoes naturally using plants, it’s an excellent time to begin!

Mosquito borne disease surrounds us all. A bite from a tiny bug can result in a huge impact on your life.

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