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Zap Mosquitoes Before They Know What’s Hit Them!

Mosquitoes have adapted and built up a resistance to many of the barriers we have put in the way to stop them from feasting on us. Initially, mosquitoes preferred to dine on us during the twilight hours, so we took steps to sleep behind nets and implement mosquito prevention so that the bloodsuckers couldn’t get in! However, they soon got a little clever and decided they would change their mealtimes.

Currently being tested is The Photonic Fence. A laser that’s ready to take mosquitoes down before they have a chance to even know what’s hit them!

Laser zaps mosquitoes out of the sky

Sometimes it seems like there’s not enough bug spray in the world to keep those pesky bloodsuckers away, and it can be more than just an annoyance.  With mosquito-transmitted diseases like malaria and Zika, a bite could have dire consequences. A new product being developed and tested aims to zap mosquitoes out of the air before they have a chance to infect humans.

“Bad bugs” beware! This laser means business.  It knows if you are a mosquito or other insect considered to be a pest. Bumble bees can be safe in the knowledge that this laser isn’t going to go after them. It knows that they are the ‘good ones’. Here’s how it works…

The project has been running for quite some time and is now in the process of field testing. These lasers are looking to be used in specific places, especially where there is the potential of mosquito borne virus, such as hospital entrance ways.

Star Wars Meets Mosquito Control

The Photonic Fence is reminiscent of the Reagan-era strategic defense initiative, dubbed “Star Wars.” But instead of using lasers to shoot down ballistic missiles, the Photonic Fence uses a laser to shoot down mosquitoes that enter a protected zone, such as a hospital entrance or hotel courtyard.

When we think ‘laser’ we think weapon and of course, this is what we need in our defense against the constant battle we face against these deadly disease spreading critters.


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