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Adele Gets Attacked By Bats And Bugs

Imagine being on stage performing in front of thousands of people when suddenly you start getting attacked by the most deadliest creature on the planet!!  That’s what happened to superstar Adele recently during a concert in Australia. Here’s more…

Adele Freaks Out About a Mosquito During a Concert and It’s Hilarious

“I’m sorry, I’m not Australian. I don’t like bugs!” she told the crowd as she flailed her arms. As she bolted across the stage, yelling expletives, she said the mosquito was “sucking my blood, it was sucking my blood!”

For concertgoers, and reporters it may have appeared ‘hilarious’ however, Adele has a very real reason to fear mosquitoes.

It appears the singer doesn’t have much luck when it comes anything with wings when she’s on stage.

Adele ‘attacked’ by bat on stage in Mexico and other tour surprises

Adele and members of the audience were forced to run and duck for cover after an arena in Mexico was invaded by a bat.The singer warned one fan, saying: “It landed right by your head. Oh my God, it’s a bat.” After a few minutes flapping around, the bat flew away and things returned to business as usual.

So it’s not just us human beings that like to enjoy a song or two by the superstar. If you’re heading to see Adele in concert, then it may just be worth packing your mosquito repellent!

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