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Coffee!! A Mosquito Repellent?!

Okay, so it may be unproven but if there was another reason to add to an endless list as to why many of us love our coffee, this is a really good one…. Coffee could actually serve as an effective method of mosquito repellent!  As we said, nothing has been proven, but check out this article with the full story.

Coffee has been touted as a potential mosquito-repelling measure.

A small bit of research has indicated that coffee can be lethal to mosquito larvae if applied to them in a specific manner.

The article mentions how sprinkling ground coffee within your yard could potentially fend of these Zika spreading pests. However, there’s an easier way to go about it, so that you can save the coffee for yourselves. Just look at investing in a barrier spray to protect your home outdoors.

It’s interesting research and who knows what further investigation might reveal. Nothing proven just yet, and of course you have to consider the effect that acidic coffee may have on your plant life.

Wait a Second. Can Coffee Grounds Repel Mosquitoes?

A 2007 study found that both coffee grounds and the liquid created by placing grounds in water and then straining out the solids—in other words, coffee made with used coffee grounds—have a significant effect on preventing mosquito larvae. And a 2015 study found that adult mosquitoes avoid laying eggs in coffee-treated water in the first place.

So before you go spending your hard earned money on more coffee than you can consume, keep yourself protected with proven methods and stay safe from the threat of Zika and other mosquito transmitted diseases.

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