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Mosquito Repelling Apps Won’t Keep You Safe From A Bite

Technology is a wonderful thing and has its place in many situations. When it comes to mosquitoes, there are various apps that can assist in monitoring their activity, providing useful data for research and some share vital information in helping us to protect ourselves against these disease spreading pests. However, can the buzz from your smartphone generated in a sound app, keep these biters at bay?

Can you repel mosquitoes with an app?

The menacing, high-pitched whine of a mosquito can instill an eerie sense of foreboding. Some mossies are just a pesky inconvenience, but in tropical regions they might be carrying sinister cargo onboard, such as malaria, dengue and now the Zika virus.  Of course, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that there are apps designed to ward off mosquitoes. But to what extent do they actually protect you from being hunted down by these aggressive creatures?

These apps can assist in identifying where mosquitoes may breed, which means action can be taken and pest control can be called upon as soon as possible.

These apps may not keep you safe from a mosquito bite, but they can certainly help in other areas of mosquito control.

The buzz from your smartphone won’t stop mosquito bites

The sounds of mosquitoes may be annoying to many but tuning into their musical whines could help design new mosquito traps. Just don’t expect sounds from your smartphone to protect you from bites! There are now dozens of “mosquito repellent” apps available online for your smartphone. The sounds may now be available with a swipe of the finger, rather than a flick of a switch, but the general sale pitch remains the same, silence the mosquito bites with sound.

By monitoring mosquito activity, we can be prepared for where mosquitoes may be likely to strike. Identifying breeding grounds and mosquito larvae as early as possible will mean that these pests can be stopped in their bloodsucking paths, before they do any further damage to our health.

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