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Mosquitoes Suck!

Mosquitoes Suck! So what can you do to stop them? The female of the species is the guilty culprit when it comes to the common mosquito bite. She needs blood to be able to reproduce, and plenty of it. So just how do mosquitoes get their regular feed and what preventative measures can you take to stop yourself being on the menu?

Do mosquitoes bite or suck?

Female mosquitoes have complex mouthparts which enable them to pierce the skin and to suck blood. It’s misleading to think that they actually bite us. Instead, they use a needle-like part of their head to penetrate through the skin and reach their food source… blood. Here’s a video which demonstrates just how these disease-spreading pests feed.

How many times does a mosquito bite?

Although mosquitoes are tiny in size, they can certainly drink a lot of blood.  This means that the same mosquito could bite you more than once, which is often why you might find yourself with a few itchy lumps and bumps where you’ve been a hearty meal.

How much blood can a mosquito drink?

A mosquito can drink up to 3 times its weight, so once it’s had time to get over the first helping, it may just come back for more.

Do mosquitoes die after drinking blood?

Unless you manage to swat the pest, then the simple answer is no. Mosquitoes can live for up to 3 weeks. That’s a lot of time to feed and potentially transmit disease. Also, it’s a lot of time for it to lay eggs and bring even more of these killer bugs into the world.

How can you stop mosquitoes from biting you?

Knowing how to protect yourself from mosquitoes is paramount. Not only will it save you the discomfort of an itchy bite, but it will also keep you safe from the many diseases, (sometimes fatal) that they can transmit. Use repellent, wear appropriate clothing at the times when mosquitoes are most active, and protect your home with a barrier spray. Each and every positive action we take against mosquitoes keeps us in the constant battle against the biggest killer in the world.


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