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Mosquitoes That Carry Malaria Could Be Eliminated

Everyone of us could live without mosquitoes, right? We could all do without their annoying buzzing, their itchy bites and of course the most important, the threat they pose to our health. For many years scientists have been looking at what would happen if we got rid of mosquitoes. It goes without saying that this would have a big impact on the ecosystem. However, what if you could eliminate one of the most deadly species of mosquitoes if no other animals relied on them for food? Here’s an article with more information on the study.

Removing malaria-carrying mosquitoes unlikely to affect ecosystems, says report

By combining studies on one species of malaria-carrying mosquito, researchers found that no other animals rely solely on them for food. The study, by Imperial College London researchers, suggests the mosquito can be reduced or even eliminated in local areas without impacting the ecosystem. Locally eliminating this one species of mosquito could drastically cut cases of malaria, although the team note that more research is needed in the field to test that the ecosystem is not significantly perturbed.

This is some big news! Mosquitoes that transmit malaria are responsible for the deaths of over one million people each year. If this research proves successful and the information in their studies is proven to be true, then this is a huge breakthrough in the fight against mosquitoes.

So how would they catch this species of mosquito? A  new design of mosquito trap that is odor bated could help.

Malaria is one of the most deadly illnesses in the world and mosquitoes are responsible for it, together with a whole lot of other nasty diseases.

Do you feel protected against these pests? It’s not just those parts of the world that are vulnerable to malaria transmitting diseases. All of us are subject to a mosquito bite, and we never know just what harmful bacteria they may be carrying.

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