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Never a ‘Mosquito Free’ Time of Year

Female mosquitoes are the ones that you want to watch out for. They are the ones that like to bite you and feed on your blood and they are also responsible for the transmission of diseases, some even fatal. So here’s what you should know about when they are most active so that you can avoid them as best you can.

What time of day are mosquitoes most active?

Although most mosquitoes are more active during the hours of dawn and dusk, there are still a few species that will still be around during the daytime hours. With well over one hundred different types of mosquito, it is difficult to pinpoint their preferential time of day. Your safest option is to stay protected from mosquitoes at all times and to avoid the most popular mosquito hours when the sun comes up and when the sun goes down. Especially if you are anywhere near water because mosquitoes will be thriving in that kind of habitat.

mosquito free time of year

Are mosquitoes worse at night?

Again it depends on the species. However, in the United States, the most common of mosquitoes are at their most active at dusk and dawn. So if you wake up in the morning with an irritating itch and a bit of a bump on your skin, then you’ve more than likely been the food source to a mosquito.

How do you stop mosquitoes from biting while sleeping?

The best way to prevent a mosquito bite when you are sleeping is by using a number of different methods. First off, you want to try and hold off the suckers from getting near your home in the first place, so having adequate mosquito control surrounding the outside of your property is a good way to keep yourself protected. You could also use a mosquito net over your bed. The following article has a few other tips and tricks…

5 Ways to Prevent Mosquito Bites in Your Sleep

Keep those pests away, even when you’re not awake to swat at them. Less uncovered skin means less space mosquitoes can feed on. Wear long pants, long sleeves, and socks, and make sure they’re tight around the ankles, wrists and collar so mosquitoes can’t sneak underneath. Opt for a baggier fit so the bugs hit air instead of flesh if they make it through your clothes.

Do mosquitoes bite more than once?

If you’ve been a victim of a ravenous mosquito at night, you will know that you can be bitten more than once.  These disease spreading pests will keep on feeding on you until they are full and its abdomen is full of blood. YOu’ve probably seen one of these ‘bloated’ mosquitoes before when you’ve had the opportunity to swat one.

What time of year do mosquitoes go away?

Unfortunately, they don’t go away! They become less active, but there is never a time of year that is completely ‘mosquito free’. So better safe than sorry… always protect yourself from mosquitoes! It only takes one bite for them to transmit something nasty!

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