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Thankful for Mosquitoes This Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s a day to be thankful for all the things in our lives that we are blessed with….even mosquitoes! Throughout the year, our posts remind you of just how troublesome these pests are, the diseases they spread, the misery they cause and how you can protect yourself.  What if we took one day, to recognize why we should be thankful for these pests? It’s hard to find the positives, but here’s a post that might shine a light on these bugs…

8 reasons why we should be thankful for insects!

There are many that would love to see the complete eradication of this troublesome class of creepy crawlies. But before we jump to such extreme measures, let us consider the role that these seemingly insignificant and often irritating creatures play in the environment, as well as our own lives.

There you have it, creepy crawlies do have an important role, which makes perfect sense, but one thing we never wanted to believe was that mosquitoes had an important role too!

Thankful for mosquitoes

So why are mosquitoes important?

We often wish that we lived in a world without mosquitoes. However, they are important in their own way. If these little suckers became extinct tomorrow, there are things that we would have to consider, for example, the importance in aquatic ecology of mosquito larvae.

Are mosquitoes good for anything?

We all know what they are NOT good for, and that’s the transmission of deadly diseases. The irritation from a bite and not to mention how annoying they are when they fly around  you. However, the different species of mosquito are not all necessarily bad. For starters, it’s only the females that bite and have the potential to transmit disease, so that leaves a lot of the males  that could be doing more good than harm because mosquitoes serve important functions in numerous ecosystems.

Okay, so we may not be ‘thankful’ mosquitoes, but there is a positive in every situation, even one that involves mosquitoes, right?

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