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The Fight Against Mosquitoes Starts At Home

Let’s face it, there’s never a ‘good’ year when it comes to mosquitoes. However, this year, health officials have warned that it could be particularly bad. During the last few months many parts of the United States have suffered from higher than average rainfall, which means… you guessed it… an increase in the mosquito population.

Mosquitoes could be particularly pesky this season. 

The rainfall spells bad news for mosquito haters, as standing water is capable of breeding the pesky insect. With the potential for an increased mosquito presence, here’s what you should know about protecting yourself and your children from the blood-sucking insects.

What are you doing to avoid being bitten by these disease spreading pests? We all know mosquitoes are dangerous, but do you really appreciate the threat they have to your health, and your life?

Are you doing all you can to keep yourself safe? Do you wear repellent? Avoid areas and times where mosquitoes are most active, clear your yard of standing water?

The fight against mosquitoes starts at home.

How to get rid of mosquitoes in your yard

After all the spring moisture, it’s a good idea to go on mosquito patrol in the yard to eliminate their breeding grounds (standing water). Walk around your landscape and look for areas or things that are holding water. Empty everything that has water, including trays under planting containers, buckets, tires, toys, lids and tarps.

It’s also advised to invest in professional mosquito control. If you’d like to find out more, you can contact us to discuss the services we offer to help keep your home and family protected from pests.

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