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When Mosquitoes Invade Your Home

You crawl into bed at night and enjoy the silence. The peace and quiet of just the natural sounds coming from your own home. It’s what you are used to. It’s what makes it a relaxing place to be. Then suddenly you hear it…that dreadful buzzing sound, darting around the room, diving at your head. Yep! You guessed it, mosquitoes invade your home not only to ruin your rest time. They’re on the hunt for food and a place to breed.

How do mosquitoes get into your house?

So how exactly do these irritating, disease spreading pests get into your house? Well, there are many ways that they can sneak in. The obvious one is by them just flying right through your doors or windows if they are left open with no protective screen. They can even get down chimneys! Or, you could even bring in one yourself if it has hitchhiked onto your clothing.

Mosquitoes invade your home

Can mosquitoes get through your flyscreen?

Mosquitoes can find their way into your house through gaps in nets or screens, so it’s important to make sure your maintenance is up to date and any necessary repairs are carried out immediately upon identifying them.  Here’s an article about how they find their way in.

How Mosquitoes Seek Out Gaps in Nets or Screens

It’s a hot and humid summer night, the window is open, a breeze filters in, and you begin to drift off to sleep when you hear the maddening buzz of a mosquito at your ear. After several unsuccessful slaps to the side of your head, you flip on the lights and see a little hole in your window screen. While chasing your tormentor for the next 15 minutes, you ask yourself how that mosquito was able to find such a tiny gap and sneak into your house.

For added protection, you might want to look at investing in professional mosquito control. This means that the little suckers don’t get the opportunity to find the gaps in the first place!

Can mosquitoes get in through your air conditioner?

Yes, they can! So it’s important to make sure that any water that may collect in your unit is disposed of.  After all… standing water is the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes, so if you don’t want a family of mozzies moving into your property, you want to make sure this is taken care of.

How long do mosquitoes live indoors?

A mosquito can live from 4 days to up to a month (with the average being about 2 weeks). That’s a lot of feeding time required, and if one of these bugs is living in your house, it means you’re going to be their source of food. Remember, it’s the females that bite you, and when they do, they are pretty much ready to lay their eggs. So initially, just the one pest may have made its way into your house, but the likelihood of there being many more after a few days is pretty high.

Can mosquitoes breed inside the house?

They sure can, so you want to make sure that their ideal breeding ground of standing water is not available to them. Think about that dishwater you didn’t get round to emptying this morning, or the residue left over from your shower.

These pests don’t need an invite to come along and take up residence in your home. Make sure you are on top of your mosquito control and take all mindful steps to keep your home free from these dangerous pests.

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