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Perimeter Rodent and Snake Control

What is Perimeter Rodent Control?

Perimeter Rodent Control is an exterior rodent control method that protects your house from mice and rats by preventing them from entering your home by placing outdoor rodent control bait station boxes around the perimeter walls. Each bait station box contains a block of “delicious” rodent food which the rodents take back to their nest which helps to eliminate their population.

For the past ten years BBP has been treating shopping centers, office buildings and apartment complexes for rodents. We provide and manage those “black boxes” that you see around properties and now we have formulated a program for our residential customers.

Perimeter Rodent Control by Backyard Bug Patrol

Each bait station box contains a block of “delicious” rodent food which the rodents take back to their nest which helps to eliminate their population.

Where are rodent control bait stations placed?

Exterior rodent control bait stations are placed strategically around the perimeter of your home. We make every effort to hide them when we can. This means placing them in a garden area tucked close to the foundation or in shrubs.

Is perimeter rodent control safe?

Yes! Our pet friendly rodent control boxes and bait stations are made from strong plastic and are locked so that kids and pets can’t get access to them; only our technicians can open the boxes.

What is snake Control?

Snake Control:  New in 2021 we have added snake control to our Rodent Control Program.  If you find that you are having a problem with snakes on your property we can put down a snake repelling product that will drive them away.  Snakes chase away rodents you say?  Yes they do but sometimes you don’t want either of these pests on your property!  We can help.

Is perimeter rodent control needed when I already have Tick Tunnels?

Outdoor Rodent Control - Mouse and Rat Bait StationsTick tunnels are designed to directly kill the ticks… not mice or rats. When rodents, specifically mice, bring the treated Tick Tunnel cotton balls back to their nest, it kills ticks. Now with the addition of our Perimeter Rodent Control, it takes care of the rodents! When a rodent dies, the ticks do not. Our two-pronged approach provides you with the most security from these pests. For a complete protection program, you should consider both Tick Tunnels AND Perimeter Rodent Control.

Do you just place the rodent boxes around the house and leave them there?

No. As part of our Perimeter Rodent Control we will check the boxes for activity and add or changes the baits as necessary.

Do you provide a guarantee for this service?

If you find that you have any rodent or snake activity while a member of our Perimeter Rodent and Snake Control Program, just call us and we will come out, inspect the bait stations, re-bait, add more stations and apply snake repellant as necessary.