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Tag Archives: Malaria

Ongoing Developments for Malaria Vaccine

Mosquitoes carry parasites and this it is the number of these organisms that these pests carry that are the cause of concern when it comes to malaria or a any other mosquito borne virus. As we know these diseases can […]

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Mosquitoes and Malaria in Ancient Roman Remains

A recent study has revealed that malaria caused as much devastation back in the days of the Roman Empire as it does today. There has been DNA evidence discovered in ancient teeth that the mosquito borne disease was very much […]

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Chemical may be able to Control Malaria

We hate to give mosquitoes credit, but they are clever little creatures. They have the ability to adapt to many of our defence methods quite quickly, which often leads to our efforts being unsuccessful in the long term to protect […]

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Don’t Forget Other Mosquito Borne Diseases

The mosquito transmitted West Nile virus is still very much a problem within the United States. At the moment, all the media attention seems to be focused on the threat of the rapidly spreading Zika virus, but let’s not forget […]

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Mosquitoes Don’t Just Spread Zika!

There’s a┬álot of reporting all over the world ┬áconcerning the Zika virus outbreak, but let’s not forget the other harmful and sometimes fatal diseases that mosquitoes transmit. Here’s an article with 5 mosquito borne illnesses that we need to be […]

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