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Tag Archives: Malaria

Mosquito Spray to Start the Day

As the warmer weather arrives, the mosquito population increases, and with temperatures rising early this year these pesky pests are spreading their wings early. It’s time to get out the repellent and make sure those mosquitoes don’t get chance to take […]

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Living with the Misery of Mosquito Borne Illness

We will never be short of devastating stories as long as mosquitoes and their ability to spread deadly diseases are still accommodating this planet. The threat of the zika virus is currently a high reported feature of daily news, but […]

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Mosquitoes: These Bugs Are Smart!

Did you know that female mosquitoes are the only ones that bite us? Did you know that each time they feast they lay anywhere up to 200 eggs? Did you know that they are in fact the planet’s “most efficient […]

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Protect your Children from Zika Virus

As far as mosquito borne disease goes, there are many out there that have made the headlines due to their deadly nature and ability to spread at an alarming rate. From malaria to chikungunya, west nile virus to dengue fever, […]

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Zika Virus: Pregnant Women Avoid Unnecessary Travel

A few weeks ago we reported to you on the Zika virus and how women in Brazil are being encouraged to delay pregnancy. A serious issue causing great concern for expectant mothers and those planning to start or continue their family […]

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Can you imagine a world without mosquitoes?

Due to a significant increase in rainfall this year, December has seen a rise in mosquito activity in the Palm Beach County area. As rainfall has continued and temperatures have remained high further protective spraying measures are being carried out […]

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